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How do we help teenagers improve interpersonal communication skills? Well, see our public event below with videos, pictures, and reports. It is a quite an accomplishment when we attracted busy students from Millburn, Livingston, Randolph, and Basking Ridge.

Junior Board President Austin opening remarks



蜜而本华人协会会长李诗剑博士讲话 Dr. Shijian Li opening remarks  


讲座简短视频,精彩的讲演吸引了在座每一位。Derek Lee, director of training and development。



Report by Christine Yang

On May 31, about 30 teenagers arrived at the Bauer Community Center in Millburn to attend the event “Interpersonal Communication with a Purpose,” planned and hosted by the OCA Junior Board, and the Millburn Short Hills Chinese Association (MSHCA). This program was aimed towards young adults to develop skills that will help them with networking, job, and interview opportunities.

The event started with a speech by Derek Lee, director of training and development at IKARIA, who compiled his information in a concise Power Point. His presentation included the key steps to making a positive first impression. He also stressed the importance of a close for commitment, or a request for a follow-up meeting, which is an idea not many of the attendees had considered before.

After the presentation, the students participated in a practice workshop facilitated by volunteers from OCA-NJ and MHSCA. Activities ranged from simply introducing themselves with a smile to planning what to say during a real networking opportunity. The facilitators did an excellent job guiding and helping the students with their experience.

All attendees received beautifully crafted certificates for taking part in the program at the end of the workshop, and the event closed with a speech by OCA-NJ President Virginia Ng. The students walked out with new, useful information about effective speaking that will undoubtedly help them for their entire lives. 

Virginia giving certificates



And some feedback


Laura summary



GinGee remarks



1. Presentation 演讲的Derek Lee 是专门做培训的第三代华人。

2. Practice open ended questions with feedback (附视频)


接下去讲到如何问open ended questions. 这次的练习是分成几组,写下问题,再每组分享,由讲员评论。学生们互相探讨,认真准备,大胆发言。几个被家长拉来的孩子被极大吸引,参与其中。Chris Tang那组把问题分成professional versus personal, 很新颖。其他问题包括what is the meaning of life以及Derek幽默的回复引起阵阵笑声。

那么如何问follow up questions?又是看似简单实则需掌握的技巧。现场学生又一次头脑风暴,在note pad上写建议,再汇报给讲员及家长。我们穿梭般看各组的questions, 再一次从Derek具体反馈中学到很多。

刚刚工作的讲员Crystal Lee分享了自己通过soft ball coach 找到intern的经验,凸显与人交流能力的重要性。年轻人和年轻人沟通使得这个信息更容易被接受。

3. One on One Conversations with facilitators (附视频)

下个环节是一对一交谈,学生们轮换和facilitators沟通,其他人反馈。一对一训练的facilitators 有 educators, FBI language analyst, professors, professionals, from Millburn and OCA-NJ。因为人多,高中生在主会场,初中生在另一间会议室。时间过了很久,这些平日里塞着耳机嫌父母唠叨的挺爱搅竟然谈得停不下 (视频中的对话内容不清晰,也不是关键点了)。







4. Presentation of Certificates

意犹未尽,OCA-NJ主席Virginia Ng发证书,她前一天设计打印证书,现场收集学生名字,用优美的字体一张张写好,认真得让人感动。讲员Derek Lee带来记事簿,学生们高兴地上前领取。OCA-NJ President Virginia Ng provided feedback and certificates with her beautiful calligraphy. Mr. Derek Lee provided note pads, a pleasant surprise for the students. 

春燕注:看到孩子们几年来的成长就越发觉得我们付出多少都不为过。有些孩子三年前加入ABC俱乐部讨论会时很少讲话,但一直积极参加俱乐部办的辩论会和公共活动(survivor game etc.)。我看到其中几个男生女生自如地跟几位facilitators 交谈,连坐姿都很professional。还有被妈妈拉来的,都乐此不疲,一个个环节地练习。用我们会长诗剑的话“孩子们嗨翻了!” 

这个活动是三月份ABC俱乐部举办的AA辩论会上,Austin 发现学生们不善推销自己,通过OCA-NJ Junior Board 提出建议,多方协调;顾问Laura Lee 联系主讲和 OCA-NJ facilitators (很多都是开车从各处前来)。 学生们在高中生中间宣传,自己主持。Millburn华人协会租场地、提供全套音响和水 (欧阳,晨霞),ABC俱乐部家长提供点心。值得欣慰的是在各家学生都极忙碌的周末,几十个家庭花了近三小时,不是补硬件,而是提高soft skills。我问Derek对于第一代华人家庭有什么建议,他幽默地对学生们说 “Listen to your parents.”

摘家长反馈:“今天的presentation 很棒,从各个方面介绍了interpersonal skill 需要注意的地方。一个人给别人的第一印象是在前7秒中形成的,包括how you are dressed, facial expression, eye contact, body language 等等,甚至hand shake.  更重要的是今天还谈到应该怎样准备面试(事先对公司,学校的了解),怎样问open ended questions.  孩子们就此做了练习。非常棒!希望以后可以有更多这方面的活动。”

Thank you notes

From: Austin Jia

Dear All,


On behalf of the Junior Board, I'd like to thank all who poured in their hard work to make this workshop happen.


Thank you, Derek, for taking so much time and effort to prepare such a well thought-out and thorough presentation. The Junior Board members and the participants who sat behind us thoroughly enjoyed every minute that you spoke, and all of us walked home with a meaningful take-away; thank you for inspiring us all!

Thank you, Laura, for masterminding this event. I know you spent hours perfecting the flyer, finalizing the agenda, and generally smoothing over all the details that went into such a comprehensive workshop and for that, we can't thank you enough.


Thank you, Virginia and GinGee, for your closing remarks, for the certificates, for adding your own expertise in planning. Thank you Shijian Li for publicizing the event and Jack Ouyang and Chenxia who made the location and speaker system available; we really appreciate the vital roles that you played. And finally, thank you MSH Chinese Association and the facilitators for providing all the manpower we needed for the workshop. 


I, along with the rest of the Junior Board, can't thank you enough for helping us realize our goals of helping our communities. The success of this workshop proved how much of an impact we can make, and we look forward to cooperating with all of you in the future!


Austin Jia and the Junior Board

From Derek Lee

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in setting this workshop up.

It is a great thing that you do and put together for our youth as they are the future.

I was honored to be a part of it and welcome the opportunity to work with the group again in the future. I was very pleased to see the level of engagement and participation of the group.

From Laura Lee:

Dear All,
First of all, I want to thank each and every one of you who attended and supported the Jr. Board event today. It was a huge success. Even students who were "dragged" there by their parents admitted they found value in the program. It gave them a newfound reason to engage in conversations with adults, and it gave them insight into the whole process of communicating, particularly what it means to "close".
Thank you to Derek for putting together a great presentation.  You were energetic and engaging which is difficult to do with this age demographic. Thank you also to Ikaria for the beautiful pad folios the students received for their participation.
Thank you to Crystal for putting it into perspective.
Thank you to Chunyan for coordinating the venue and the sponsorship of MSHCA.
Thank you to OCA Jr. Board for promoting the program.
Thank you to our Board members and members for their support.
Thank you to our facilitators, Tennie, Christopher, Crystal, Derek, GinGee, and Virginia and the members from MSHCA who hosted our middle school group.
This was one Herculean effort and I thank you all for pitching in. I think this was a valuable program and the participants and their parents were happy with the outcome.

From Chunyan

Thank you so much to Derek for an inspiring program, and to Crystal for sharing your experience. As I mentioned, all of the participants came from first generation immigrant families, and it was eye opening for the students to 1. listen to such an energizing presentation, 2. engage in conversations with someone who are not their parents, 3. Ask thoughtful questions while practicing etiquette. From years of observing these students and their families through the ABC club, I see the transformation. 


Too many to thank: Laura's detailed planning, Virginia's speech and beautiful certificates, GinGee's encouragement, and Junior Board's effective outreach. The MSHCA board president Shijian Li "broadcasted" our event "LIVE" through WeChat group messages and pictures, and the feedback was great!


Jack Ouyang (managing the huge set of speaker system) was the one who first agreed to sponsor when I told him the need for students to present themselves. Facilitators include Cathy Wang, Betsy Lin, Shijian Li, Henry Jia, Roy You, Yuan-Fen, Qi Zhang, Yan Wu and more. The ABC Club parents brought snacks in additional to happy students. Friends from Basking Ridge came and spoke highly of the program.